Swiss Perfection Cellular Rejuvenating Treatment

Swiss Perfection is the only top and luxury skin care brand adopted, researched and developed by Switzerland’s Clinique La Prairie. The precious Cellular Active IRISA® technology is applied to all Swiss Perfection products and the adoption of this technology makes the in-product nutrition more abundant than the adoption of placenta living cells. Products with Cellular Active IRISA® are able to increase metabolism and cell regeneration and hence bring skin back to the best status of its juvenescence.

 Treatment effects and benefits

  • Boost slow-growing cells and reactivate aging ones
  • Flat wrinkles and tighten skin
  • Lighten spots and whiten skin
  • Alleviate moisture loss and make skin more tight, smooth and bright

 Applicable to individuals with

  • Aging and/or loose skin
  • Obvious fine lines and/or wrinkles
  • Skin in fade and dull colour and suffering from lack of brightness and elasticity
  • Skin containing unbalanced level of moisture and oil