VelaShape II™ Slimming Treatment

VelaShape II™ is the first authoritative body-care instrument authenticated by the USA’s FDA. This machine is an enhancement of VelaSmooth™ / VelaShape™, has two machine heads, raises the radio frequency from 50W to 60W and is able to provide body slimming and cellulite removal treatments 20% more effective than VelaShape™ does. Therefore, it can carry out the body slimming and cellulite removal jobs quickly and save more time for customers.


VelaShape II™ utilises the patented technology elos with bi-polar radio frequency, infrared ray and negative pressure suction and mechanical massage roller to tighten loose tissues and reduce size, against cellulite. Infrared ray raises skin elasticity and regenerates collagen and elastic fibres; radio frequency heats subcutaneous fat and lessen the size of adipose cells; vacuum negative pressure increases supply of blood flow, advance metabolism processes of fat, make fat arrangement more orderly, and hence reduce cellulite effectively.

 Treatment effects and benefits

  • Lessen size of partial body and rebuild body curves
  • Beat cellulite quickly
  • Improve skin texture and increase skin tightness and elasticity
  • Improve fat or oedema obesity

 Applicable to individuals with

  • Fat obesity
  • Oedema obesity
  • Loose skin and muscles
  • The need for beautifying body shape after liposuction
  • Stretch marks after childbirth
  • Obvious cellulite

Treatment process