Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Treatment


This treatment is specifically for moisturising the deep layer of skin. It makes skin full of moisture and wakes cells up through the combination of high pressure oxygen and high concentration moisture essence. Effects can be seen immediately and the problem of sensitive and dry skin can be alleviated in 30 minutes.

Treatment effects and benefits

  • Moisturise the most inner layers of skin and the moisture-keeping effect is 1,000 times stronger than the effect before treatment taken
  • Relax and comfort skin
  • Increase skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and/or wrinkles
  • Advance growth of collagen protein and elastin
  • Prevent skin sensitivity
  • Improve face outline and overall brightness

 Applicable to individuals with

  • Dry and sensitive skin
  • Large and rough pores
  • Aging skin and obvious wrinkles
  • Unbalanced skin colour

 *Brand Intraceuticals is held in high esteem by world’s top stars, such as Paris Hilton, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashianhi and so on.